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How does the mindful guitar learning work ?

Whether you choose the 6 week course or the 3 hour workshop, in the beginning of each hour you will be gently brought to the state of mindfulness through 10 minute meditation. Then in the ambience of mindfulness you will be shown how to create music yourself: collectively you will play a first song yourself in as little as 30 minutes. In you join the absolute beginners level In the 6 hour absolute beginners course (equivalent to 2 workshops, 3 hour each) you will learn 5-6 songs. This will bring you to the level of being comfortable with an instrument, introduced to few different playing techniques, including chords. If you already play some guitar you may want to choose to sign up to the lever right for you. Don’t worry if we don’t have a right level scheduled at the moment, just let us know your availability in the bottom of this page, and we will do out best to arrange one for you. 

Every song is taught in a fun and stress-free way using mindfulness principles: beginners mind, patience, non-judgement, acceptance, trust, letting go and non-striving. Once you are able to apply the mindfulness principles in one area of your life, you know how to do the same in any other area. Improvement of quality of life, boost of self-esteem and creativity become the natural by-product of the process.

Is this program more about instrument learning or mindfulness ?

This program is primary an instrument learning program. The mindfulness principles are used to support the learning process and make it probably the most effective and fast instrument teaching method. While mindfulness teaching is not the primary focus of the course, it will provide a good understanding of what mindfulness and meditation are about and how they can help you in your life. 

The program is innovative in several respects:

  1. Innovative teaching methods and original teaching program evolved as a result of 26 years of experience in instrument teaching family business.
  2. Easy to pick up. It results in quick measurable outcomes right from the first hour which motivates participants to further learning.
  3. Novel approach of bringing the best of two worlds – music and mindfulness (this is probably the first ever approach to bring these two worlds together).

Courses or workshops, what is the differences ?

Choose either:

  • 6 week course – 1 hour per week in a group of 4-6 people.
  • 3-hours workshops – one-off in a group of 4-6 people. It covers half of the 6 week course. You can later on sign up to the second 3 hour workshop to cover the other 3 hours of the 6 week course.
  • You can also purchase a 6 hour package for couples, pairs or parent and a child, which can be arranged on a more flexible time basis.

In all cases once the training is finished you can carry on to the next level. You can complete as many levels as you feel like. 

How are the sessions structured ?

Each hour of the 6 hours (3 hours for workshops) is initiated by 10 minutes meditation to cut off from the outside world and settle you in a comfortable space of relaxation and true self. This helps to understand the mindfulness principles before they are applied to music playing and to tip into your creativity self.
The group courses and workshops happen in a group of 4-6 people to benefit from the collective energy of the group as well as gain the music band experience right from the first session. They require registration and assignment to the fixed time and location. The 6 hour packages suitable for couples, pairs or child with a parent are home based delivered therefore more flexible in time.

What learning outcomes you can expect:

During the absolute beginners 6 hour course (or two 3 hours workshops – 3 songs per workshop), you will learn to play 5-6 songs. You will learn few different techniques and how to play in a band arrangement with a split of roles. The 3 hour workshop covers the half of the 6 hour course. For all services you can carry on to the next level and build on the skills you have learned. If you already play, there is still so much you can learn with us. 

Entry Requirements and levels

There is no entry requirement for the absolute beginners course. However if you already play some guitar, you will be assigned to the group of the right level

Possession of instruments

If you don’t have your own guitar, let us know and we will provide one for the classes. Also, if you wish to buy your own instrument, ask us first, we may be able to help and provide advice.

Is practising at home needed ?

The teaching method is designed in the way that practising at home is not required to progress in learning. However training recordings will be provided and can be used for home practice for those who wish to do so. You will also be provided with a recording to facilitate guided meditation. 

Carry on further

Carrying on further on – If you enjoy the 6 week course / 3 hour workshop with us, you can continue the training on the next levels. You can carry on for years if you wish to.

Check already scheduled courses and workshops


6 Week Mindful Guitar Course - Absolute Beginners

Now only £199

1 hour sessions every week. You don’t need to know anything neither posses a guitar to join the course. If you want, you can carry on later to the next level with the level 2 course. 

November 2018 - absolute beginners and level 2

January - February 2019 - Absolute beginners and level 2



3 Hour Mindful Guitar Workshop - Absolute Beginners

Now only £99

3 hours one off workshop. You don’t need to know anything neither posses a guitar to join the course. You can carry on to the next level with the follow up workshop. 

November 2018 - February 2019 - Absolute beginners, Level 1.2 and Level 2


Please note – Level 1.2 is a continuation of Absolute beginners course. If you haven’t attend the workshop, you must feel configurable with playing open strings in order to attend this level. <br>Level 2 is a further continuation. It can be also attend by people who were learning to pay elsewhere as long as they can play few chords already.

You didn't find a time/service suitable for you?

Request a new Mindful Guitar Course/Workshop

If none of the listed events suits you, let us know your availability and we will do our best to arrange one especially for you.  6 week course costs £199 per person and 3 hour workshop costs £99 per person. 

CoventryBirminghamLeamington SpaMarket Harborough

Absolute beginnerI payed in the past but I don't remember muchI can play few chordsI can play chords with confidence



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Find out more about mindful instrument learning

Experience playing a first piece of music yourself!

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Ukulele

If you think any of the following:

“I am not capable to learn playing an instrument”
“I am not musically talented”
“My fingers are too big/too small”
“Learning to play is difficult and takes a long time”

This session can prove you wrong! Why don’t you give it a go?

The innovative teaching method and mindful approach makes guitar learning easy, quick and probably the most effective instrument teaching method that exists! Suitable for adults and children.

The session is dedicated especially for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS however all levels are welcome.

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